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: September, 2011

‘How to Make It in America’ — another HBO zeitgeist winner

HBO scored long-running hits with a girls vs. boys series (“Sex and the City”) and then a boys against the girls sitcom (“Entourage’), so it would be nice if the cable network found another cash cow

New York City + movies + booze = fun in Fairfield

I thought my days of hosting the “Martini & a Movie” series at the Fairfield Theatre Company were behind me. The screenings that ended more than a year ago were lots of fun, but the idea seemed

Snooping in other people’s homes with ‘The Selby’

Photographer, painter and writer Todd Selby (below) produced one of 2010’s most entertaining books, “The Selby Is in Your Place” (Abrams), a compilation of the “home environment” lay-outs Todd does on

‘Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.’ — when Audrey played a hooker

If you look at the 1961 Audrey Hepburn romantic comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” now, it hardly appears to be a cutting-edge movie. Hepburn is terrific and the Henry Mancini score delicious, but the

The street fashion photography of Tommy Ton

If the venerable Bill Cunningham of The New York Times took his wonderful man on the street fashion lay-outs global, the result might look something like the work of the fantastic Tommy Ton. Ton

In Like (Errol) Flynn — the Mel Gibson of the 1940s?

Last year, Warner Home Video put out a wonderful five disc DVD set, “Errol Flynn Adventures,” that focuses on the war movies the star made during the 1940s. It’s not that “Desperate Journey” (1942,

Catch up with the amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg won the best actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010, but she wasn’t among the actresses nominated for an Academy Award that year. Gainsbourg won her Cannes prize for

‘Light Gradient’: a drama with more questions than answers

It’s easy to see why the German film, “Light Gradient,” was unable to stir up much interest in this country during a very limited theatrical release in 2010. Writer-director Jan Kruger deals in the

‘Zenith’: a dystopian DVD worth checking out

You don’t need much money to serve up a chillingly realistic vision of the future — a fact Jean-Luc Godard demonstrated with “Alphaville” in 1965 and restated by writer-director Vladan Nikolic in

Sutton Foster dazzles on ‘Anything Goes’ cast album

The delightful original cast album of the current hit Broadway revival of “Anything Goes” became available on iTunes last month, but what is now known as “the physical release” (i.e. a CD with liner