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: December, 2011

The amazing Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

If “My Week with Marilyn” wasn’t such a slight film, Michelle Williams would probably have a lock on an Oscar for her performance as Marilyn Monroe making the long-forgotten 1957 British film “The

‘Dragon Tattoo’: a less than lateral move by David Fincher

Maybe it just isn’t a story I needed to be told three times. Or, perhaps I expected a lot more from the visionary director of “The Social Network” and “Zodiac” and “Fight Club.” Whatever the reason, I

‘Ghost Protocol’ puts Tom Cruise back on top in Hollywood

Produced on the scale of a superior James Bond movie and packed with the sly, sexy humor of a 1960s caper picture, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” is one of the rare Hollywood “tentpole”

‘An Appetite for Murder’: a winter escape to Key West

Roberta Isleib launches a new mystery series next Tuesday with “An Appetite for Murder” (Obsidian) about the adventures of a crime-solving restaurant critic in Key West. The book is such a departure

Rent it now: taut Scandinavian mystery via Italy

The great Italian actor Toni Servillo — who played the title role in “Il Divo” and was featured prominently in “Gomorra” — delivers another commanding performance in “The Girl By the Lake,” as a

Merry Christmas!

All the lonely people/Where do they all belong?

At one particularly apt point in the new Grant James Varjas play, “Accidentally, Like a Martyr,” a character looks over at the few other people seated at an East Village bar and asks the “Eleanor

Hugh Jackman: the biggest Broadway star of our time?

Reviewers have been quibbling about what label to give to Hugh Jackman’s return to the New York theater — is it a real “Broadway” show or just a jazzed-up nightclub act? — but whatever it is, the

‘Margin Call’: Demi Moore becomes a team player

Among the many wonders of the terrific New Depression drama “Margin Call” is Demi Moore’s coolly ferocious performance as a risk analyst at a major financial services firm that went over the falls in

‘Melancholia’: or, They Shoot Planets, Don’t They?

Imagine a depression so deep and so hopeless that you think that it’s an entirely appropriate response for an entire planet to die along with you. That’s the situation of the terminally unhappy