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: January, 2012

After 18 years, Janet Evanovich makes it to the big screen

“One for the Money” opened Friday with two big strikes against it — the distribution company’s decision not to press-screen the film in advance of its premiere and the presence of Katherine Heigl in

Lifetime examines ‘stereotyping’ of unwed pregnant teens

Tonight’s “Lifetime Original Movie” — “The Pregnancy Project” airing at 8 p.m. — is a bizarre based-on-fact soap opera about a Washington State high school student who pretended to be pregnant for her

Rent it now: sexually confused high school kids grow up

Emmy Rossum has been knocking around in movies for several years — she was the ingenue opposite Gerard Butler in “Phantom of the Opera” and was lost in the ensemble shuffle of “The Day After

‘Mavericks’: juggling art and money in American ballet

It’s hard to think of another arts documentary like “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance” — one that digs so deeply into the personal and financial challenges of keeping an arts organization alive

‘Silent Oligarch’: a terrific post-Cold War espionage thriller

Add Chris Morgan Jones to the ever-growing list of fine writers who have found ways to reinvent the international espionage thriller long after the end of the Cold War. Fans of the genre probably

‘Balibo’: when journalists don’t see the danger around them

Some foreign movies leave you thinking that there are few real differences between countries and cultures, but then there are films like the Australian docudrama “Balibo” that keep you at a slight

A (very) late report on ‘Defending the Caveman’

Obviously any piece of comic material that has been performed continuously for 20 years has to have a lot going for it. But it was still a very pleasant surprise to have such a good time watching Paul

‘Royal Pains’: a winter escape to the Hamptons

So far, we haven’t had much of a winter in the Northeast, but it’s still nice to dream of summers at the beach via the USA series “Royal Pains,” which restarts tonight at 10. The Hamptons-based show

‘The Look of Love’: murders at an upscale L.A. spa

Mary Jane Clark delivers another superior traditional mystery with “The Look of Love” (William Morrow), the second in the writer’s new series about Piper Donovan, an aspiring New York actress who

‘White Collar’: old-fashioned capers in modern New York

After an odd five-month break, season three of the USA series “White Collar” will resume Tuesday night at 9 with six new episodes running through Feb. 21. It’s the sort of bizarre scheduling that can