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: March, 2012

‘Happy Endings’ theme at Broadway striptease benefit

Once a theater insiders’ secret, the annual “Broadway Bares” benefit in June has skyrocketed over the past decade into one of the most highly anticipated events of the Broadway season. The combination

The utter pointlessness of HBO Films’ ‘Cinema Verite’

To those of us who were around in 1973, the Loud family of Santa Barbara, California, need no introduction. They were the featured attraction in a pioneering TV series called “An American Family” that

The amazing ‘larger than life’ Carol Channing

Using her insider status as a working Broadway producer, Dori Berinstein made “Show Business” (2007), a great documentary about what goes on during a single New York theater season. Berinstein spent

Channing Tatum becomes a star — even with his shirt on

Few young men who have entered movies based almost entirely on their looks have been as smart about their careers as Channing Tatum. The ex-stripper and Abercrombie and Fitch model drew more notice

‘Just Sex’: when Internet porn replaces real life

Brandt Johnson’s play “Just Sex” did so well at the Theater for the New City’s Dream Up Festival earlier this season that it has reopened at the same venue for an extended run through April 15. The

‘A Man and a Woman’ — who says CDs are dead?

Bruce Kimmel and his Kritzerland Internet company have defied all of the odds — and technological trends of the past decade — by carving out a very successful niche catering to those of us who still

‘Strawberry Statement’: nostalgia for student revolutionaries

1970 was a turbulent, confused year in America and that cultural craziness was reflected in the movies that Hollywood released at the start of a new decade. The surprise success of a series of oddball

‘Wild Strawberries’: the Bergman film Woody Allen remade

It’s going to be fun — and very nostalgic — to introduce a “Critic’s Choice” screening of the 1957 Ingmar Bergman classic “Wild Strawberries” tonight at the beautifully restored Bijou Theatre in

‘So Pretty It Hurts’: the return of Bailey Weggins

Could it be five years since the last Bailey Weggins novel by Kate White? Time flies, whether or not you’re having fun. The Cosmopolitan editor created the character a decade ago and put her at the

Rent it now: the hell of war from inside a tank

Whoever gets the rights to make the movie of the 2010 Chilean mining disaster and eventual rescue might want to talk with Israeli director Samuel Maoz. The work Maoz does in the confined space of a