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Why the 3D boom isn’t about to bust anytime soon

Paramount Pictures startled Hollywood recently when it decided to pull “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” from its June 29 release slot. Release dates tend to be engraved in stone in Tinsel Town, with studios

Happy Memorial Day 2012!

What a ‘Shame’ we are still so juvenile about movie sex

Michael Fassbender gave one of the strongest movie performances of the past few years in the late 2011 release “Shame,” but it is easy to imagine that the 35-year-old British actor might now have some

Will Ridley Scott’s R-rated ‘Prometheus’ gamble pay off?

Going against the Hollywood summer movie grain, director Ridley Scott and Twentieth Century Fox decided to bite the bullet and release June 8’s ultra-expensive science-fiction film “Prometheus” with

‘Deliverance’ turns 40, but remains as unsettling as ever

How could it be 40 years since the John Boorman film “Deliverance” was released? That was my first reaction when I received a Warner Home Video press release announcing that the milestone is being

‘Lonely, I’m Not’: Topher terrific, play not so hot

The TV and film actor Topher Grace is making a very auspicious off-Broadway debut in the new comedy by Paul Weitz — “Lonely, I’m Not” — that is running at the Second Stage Theatre through June 3.

Ben Bradlee bio: the perils of writing a ‘personal portrait’

A person’s views on friendship tend to evolve over the years, but it would seem to be a hard and fast rule that a “friend” does not publish a book that exposes the object of their affection to

‘The Shoemaker’s Wife’: a novel that takes over your life

We are all in such a hurry now — and have so much “entertainment” vying for our time — that the notion of sinking into an epic novel for a few days can seem archaic to many people. Too many books

Raunchy fun in a basement on White Street

The Flea Theater in lower Manhattan is in the middle of a new play festival that gives audiences a chance to hear fresh voices in the theatre as interpreted by the fantastic resident acting company,

Frank Langella knocks ’em dead in Stamford

A good time was had by all at the Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford Monday night when Frank Langella spent a few hours there talking about his wonderful new memoir “Dropped Names” (Harper) and then