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: September, 2012

‘My Shopping Addiction’: low-end reality TV

Everyone knows that we are in a new Golden Age of TV when it comes to the best stuff being produced by HBO, Showtime, PBS and even the commercial networks. Most nights, you’d be better off staying

‘Bedlam at the Bijou’: redeeming a misspent youth

Although I don’t think “Vault of Horror” blogger Brian Solomon needs any help when it comes to talking about 1950s science-fiction movies, I was flattered when he asked me to join him for the first

‘Eye’: the woman who invented (and reinvented) herself

Immortalized as the crazed editor in “Funny Face” and presented as herself in the hit off-Broadway play “Full Gallop,” Diana Vreeland was — up until the emergence of Anna Wintour — the most celebrated

The very weird Vanity Fair hatchet job on Tom Cruise

A recent vacation put me several weeks’ behind in my magazine reading, so I just caught up with the much talked-about Maureen Orth Vanity Fair October cover story on Tom Cruise and Scientology. It’s

Coming: William J. Mann explains Barb(a)ra Streisand

Leave it to ace Hollywood biographer/analyst William J. Mann to come up with a completely fresh look at one of the greatest (and most over-exposed) stars of our time — Barbra Streisand — in his new

‘The Other Woman’: politics & sex collide (again) in new thriller

A potent combination of thriller and political expose, Hank Phillippi Ryan’s latest novel “The Other Woman” should keep you happily turning pages as it follows a Massachusetts senate race that begins

‘Red Desert’: when Monica & Michelangelo ruled the arthouses

Tonight at 6:30 it will be my pleasure to introduce a screening of “Red Desert” at the beautiful Bijou Theatre in downtown Bridgeport. The 1964 picture was the fourth collaboration between the Italian

When Hollywood decided to get a little naughty

From Jan. 27, 2011 – The excellent Warner Archive division of Warner Home Video — which has been releasing made-to-order DVDs of some of the studio’s more obscure titles — has just put out the 1962

‘Showgirl’: Bette Midler vs. the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum

From Sept. 29, 2011 – When Celine Dion finally vacated the 4,000 seat theater Caesar’s Palace built for her in Las Vegas, the list of entertainers who could take Dion’s place was very small. The

‘Glass Cage’: the return of a notorious 1987 Spanish thriller

From Oct. 26, 2011 – The packaging for the newly issued Cult Epics DVD and Blu Ray editions of “In a Glass Cage” carries the following John Waters quote on the front cover, “They don’t make