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: November, 2012

Max von Sydow honored with wide-ranging BAM retrospective

It’s a fool’s game to name the “best” or “greatest” in any artistic endeavor, but Max von Sydow certainly must be counted among the top actors in the history of movies for the scope and quality of the

When BB battled MM for the sex goddess championship

Marilyn Monroe’s increasing instability in the early 1960s can be attributed to many causes — soaring use of booze and pills, the final collapse of her marriage to Arthur Miller in 1961, contract

Sigur Ros, ‘Valtari’ & the rebirth of the (NSFW) music video

With both the short film and the music video seemingly in decline, we all owe a debt to the Icelandic band Sigur Ros for trying to keep both forms alive. In connection with their most recent album,

‘Delights’: scenes from a great star’s life (and imagination)

Ildiko Nemeth and her New Stage Theatre Company are presenting another beautiful puzzle of a theater piece — Fernando Arrabal’s “Garden of Delights” — at the Theater for the New City through Dec. 2.

‘Holiday Buzz’: murder & a Greenwich Village coffeehouse

Mystery readers who avoid and/or mock the “cozy” genre often cite what they see as the absurdity of amateur sleuths stumbling upon murder after murder in their otherwise idyllic communities. Cabot

Lincoln Center celebrates 40th anniverary of ‘Discreet Charm’

Time flies even when you’re not having fun. It seems impossible that 40 years have passed since Luis Bunuel’s “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” opened but it’s true, and starting today the Film

‘Company’ DVD preserves New York concert performance

As a small but significant number of people started to walk out of the Stephen Sondheim short film “Evening Primose” last week in Norwalk, it seemed to reinforce the notion of the

‘Carols for a Cure’: no people like show people

I have mixed feelings about the ever-increasing commercialization and exploitation of the Christmas holiday season — did you see where some chain stores will be starting “Black Friday” an evening

Rent it now: Is he crazy or is the world about to end?

Michael Shannon has an extended breakdown in the 2011 independent film “Take Shelter” that is quite extraordinary and very painful to watch. The actor plays Curtis, a working class Ohio husband and

‘Short Cuts’: A long lost Stephen Sondheim musical

A technical monkey wrench led to the cancellation of the first “Short Cuts” screening of the new season at the Garden Cinemas in Norwalk last month. The programming was set — the Terrence McNally film