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‘Top of the Morning’: happy & unhappy (TV) families

My interest in early morning television is limited — I’m more of a radio guy when getting ready for the day ahead — but Brian Stelter’s “Top of the Morning” (Grand Central Publishing) is a juicy and

‘Old Woman’: paranoia & possible murder in The Bronx

William Morrow calls the new Hallie Ephron book “There Was an Old Woman” a “novel of suspense” and that it is — the author sets up characters so real and situations so harrowing that I kept reading

Tom & Reese: the impact of off-screen movie star antics

Within the space of a few minutes Monday morning, I heard a New York radio station teaser for an upcoming show biz-related  story — “Oscar winner arrested” — and a business report on the weekend movie

‘Seduced’: the man who understood Hollywood sex & money

At one point in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about Hollywood, “The Last Tycoon,” the producer’s daughter, Celia Brady, says, “Not half a dozen men have ever been able to keep the whole equation of

Rent them now: from Woodstock to Altamont in 1969

Despite all of the hoopla surrounding the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in 2009, Ang Lee’s charming film about the run-up to the 1969 music festival — “Taking Woodstock” (above) — was  one of

‘Remember Sunday’: starting from scratch every day

The Hallmark Hall of Fame romantic comedy-drama “Remember Sunday,” premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC, has an unsettling premise that could have been used for a horror film with equal success. The

‘The Last Detail’ — a quintessential 1970s movie returns

A few weeks ago, Film Forum in New York presented the new digitally restored version of the 1973 film “The Last Detail” (above). I’m assuming that this means a spruced-up DVD is in the works which is

MPAA tweaks movie ratings — again — on violence quotient

Few elements on the American cultural scene are as mocked and as irrelevant as the ratings system of the Motion Picture Association of America. Anyone who goes to the movies on a regular basis knows

PBS airs ‘Central Park Five’ tonight — must see TV

It’s the bitterest of bitter-pill movies — a non-fiction film that shows us how the legal system botched one of the most high profile crimes of the 1980s. The 1989 Central Park jogger case — in which

‘Cliffhanger’: not-so-funny money in Washington, D.C.

The PBS “Frontline” special “Cliffhanger” has just been released on DVD. The show aired in February, but I doubt that it will feel “dated” anytime soon. Michael Kirk’s lucid and scary film is about