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‘The Collaboration’: when Hollywood took orders from Hitler

You only have to look at most of the movies that are made by Hollywood studios to realize that there is very little they would not do to make a buck. Although the industry has a “liberal” reputation,

NPR top 100 has readers asking — What’s a thriller?

Crime novel genre subdivisions are always tricky to navigate — reviewers and bookstores separate the “cozy” books from the “hard-boiled” detective novels, and the mysteries from the thrillers, but to

Julie Harris: a life dedicated to the stage (and audiences)

How lucky I was to grow up in Philadelphia when it was still a major theater town, with brand new shows doing try-out runs in the city on their way to Broadway. That’s how I fell under the spell of

Woody Allen sells ‘Blue Jasmine’ the old-fashioned way

It has been fun to watch Sony Pictures Classics carefully nurture the current Woody Allen film into one of the biggest commercial successes of his career. Last week, the movie trade press breathlessly

‘Dave Chappelle’: longer than an article, shorter than a book

I was surprised recently when a very smart acquaintance of mine announced that she didn’t have an e-Reader and would never get one. The fact that the woman is a book reviewer made the statement even

Elmore Leonard & Hollywood: a rocky relationship

The crime novelist Elmore Leonard died Tuesday at the age of 87 after one of the most successful — and respected — careers in modern fiction. Leonard lived long enough to graduate from his pulp

‘Paranoia’: a late summer star vehicle without a star

At least one head has already rolled at Relativity Media, the company that released the instant flop “Paranoia” on Friday — with a $3.5 million weekend take, the thriller didn’t even crack the top

‘Amour’: Michael Haneke’s unflinching look at aging

In the relatively short but excellent “making of” special feature on the new “Amour” DVD the Austrian director Michael Haneke talks about the difficulty of doing something very simple in a movie.

‘Blue Jasmine’: a second Oscar for Cate Blanchett?

Perhaps because the major studio summer movies have been so rank this year, Oscar speculation seems to be starting earlier than ever. It’s something of a joke to go online and read lengthy analyses of

‘Girls’ Season 2 DVD — Lena Dunham sticks to her guns

In “Girls,” Lena Dunham has created one of the most polarizing TV shows ever. While the brilliant young writer-actress-director has legions of fans — myself among them — the hate on the Internet is so