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: October, 2013

Notes on a mega-flop: ‘The Fifth Estate’ deserved a better response

Box-office flops on the scale of “The Fifth Estate” are rare — after two weeks in mass release, the tale of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange will only have about $3,000,000 in the till as most

‘Accused’: the return of Mary DiNunzio & the Rosato gang

Any popular entertainer faces the challenge of keeping longtime fans happy while trying to grow as an artist (and bring new people into the tent). Some of my favorite novelists have been able to give

A Halloween suggestion: the peerlessly scary ‘Don’t Look Now’

The last horror movie I caught in a theater — “You’re Next” — was revolting rather than scary. No suspense, victims you didn’t care about, and extended torture sequences. The only real horror in the

Who’s a bigger movie star — Robert Downey Jr. or Sandra Bullock?

New York Magazine’s very savvy entertainment web offshoot, Vulture, released its “100 Most Valuable Movie Stars” list a few days ago, with Robert Downey Jr. topping the chart for the second year in a

‘State vs. Lassiter’: following the Elmore Leonard playbook

When the great crime writer Elmore Leonard died in August many eulogists cited his much-discussed “10 rules of writing.” After a list of largely technical advice — including “don’t go into great

Madonna embodies the torture of going out to (some) movies

Movie buffs cheered the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters last week when it banned pop star Madonna for life. Madge didn’t do anything disgraceful at one of the Austin-based company’s theaters, but

Karen Black honored with two New York retrospectives

Although her later years were spent out of the Hollywood mainstream, Karen Black was a central figure in the film revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Starting with a small but noticeable role in the

‘Song of Spider-Man’: In the Broadway trenches

Glen Berger is already being labeled a Judas and a backstabber for his forthcoming book, “Song of Spiderman” (Simon and Schuster), about the disastrous Broadway musical version of the Marvel comic

‘Sarah Flood in Salem Mass’: All of Them Witches

A mixture of drama and and often highly stylized stage movement, the new play at The Flea Theater — “Sarah Flood in Salem Mass” — resists a brief description. There is an element of historical pageant

#FridayReads: ‘Seconds’ by David Ely – horror classic back in print

When I recently wanted to re-read the Pulitzer Prize-winning, mega-bestseller “Advise and Consent,” I was surprised to learn that Allen Drury’s 1959 Washington, D.C. novel is out of print in all