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: March, 2015

‘Night Night, Sleep Tight’: murder in Old Hollywood

Hallie Ephron grew up in Hollywood, but she put that life behind her to establish deep roots in New England, where she has become one of our top suspense novelists. “Never Tell a Lie,” “Come and Find

‘Fish in the Dark’: Larry David scores on Broadway

The reviews were rather tepid when “Fish in the Dark” opened at the Cort Theatre earlier this month, but the play scores more good laughs than any comedy since the heyday of Neil Simon. Only a

‘Focus on French Cinema’: 3-day cultural immersion

Last weekend, the fantastic Jewish Film Festival ended an 11-day run in Hartford, today movie lovers have the chance to begin a three-day immersion in the best new French films at the Focus on French

‘A Little Life’: the mysteries of friendship

Think of it as the book equivalent of binge-watching. A 700+ page novel scares many people — no matter how good it is supposed to be — but there is nothing quite like a prolonged, total immersion in a

‘The Feast’: getting creeped out at The Flea

An unsettling mix of horror and psychological drama, Cory Finley’s “The Feast” takes us into the life of a successful young artist named Matt (Ivan Dolido) who falls apart after he starts hearing

‘Above and Beyond’: thrilling piece of aviation history

The 19th annual Mandell JCC Hartford Jewish Film Festival will end on a high — literally — tomorrow with the closing night screening of “Above and Beyond,” a wonderful new documentary about a little

‘Silicon Valley’: unofficial sequel to ‘Office Space’

With a first season consisting of only eight half-hour episodes, the HBO series “Silicon Valley” feels like a longer-than-usual movie rather than a traditional TV sitcom. The creator, Mike Judge, made

‘Woyzeck, FJF’: diary of a madman

A disturbing new take on Georg Buchner’s classic tale of madness and murder — “Woyzeck, FJF” — is running through March 21 at the New Ohio Theatre in downtown Manhattan. The No-Win Productions

A late report on Hartford Stage’s ‘Reverberation’

Getting past grief in order to be able to find a new path in life is just one of the compelling subjects of the extraordinary new play by Matthew Lopez — “Reverberation” — that closed on Sunday at

‘The Nomad’: songs of a female explorer

The new musical at the The Flea Theater — “The Nomad” — is based on the life of a Swiss woman who turned her back on Europe and spent her adulthood in the Sahara. Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904) defied