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: October, 2015

One last Halloween pick – ‘Don’t Look Now’

The 1973 Nicolas Roeg film “Don’t Look Now” is now an undisputed horror classic – marked by a deluxe Criterion Collection DVD version – but the original U.S. theatrical release was a terrible

Perfect for Halloween: ‘The Innocents’

Some new horror pictures have opened over the past few weekends to satisfy that Halloween urge for something ghoulish. There’s the latest “Paranormal Activity,” which will be streaming almost

‘Food Whore’: New York restaurant intrigue

Jessica Tom has great fun with the world of New York City restaurants in her debut novel, “Food Whore,” which is being published today by William Morrow. The book is a canny mixture of food world

‘Corrupted’: a thriller with heart & soul

Producing one good book a year is more than some of our most highly touted thriller writers can manage. So how is it that Lisa Scottoline has been able to maintain a two novel a year pace recently

‘Lady, Be Good’: 1924 hit gets new recording

The Encores! series has been one of the cultural treasures of New York City for the past 22 years. Three times a year, City Center presents classic musicals as they were meant to be heard – with their

‘City on Fire’: the bad old/good old 1970s

The good taste of the producer Scott Rudin often exceeds his practicality when it comes to buying novels for movie adaptation. In 1997, he paid a small fortune for the mammoth Don DeLillo book

The real story behind ‘Pawn Sacrifice’

If you’ve seen “Pawn Sacrifice” you might want to screen a non-fiction treatment of the same material. “Bobby Fischer Against the World” is a fantastic documentary about the great American chess

‘Patels’: Indian-American culture clash

The engaging documentary “Meet the Patels” takes us inside an Indian-American family in which the older generation is trying to hold onto its ethnic heritage at the same time that the children have

‘Broken Glass’: powerful Miller drama in Westport

The Westport Country Playhouse is closing the current season with a powerful production of Arthur Miller’s 1994 drama “Broken Glass.” The play packs a lot of punch into a tight 90-minutes (with no

Nobel Prize time — 1960s Hollywood style

Today they announced the final Nobel Prize winners. In two months, the honorees will gather in Stockholm for a week of celebration that end with the awards ceremony in the city’s beautiful