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: November, 2015

‘Spotlight’: a book-end for ‘All the President’s Men’

Tom McCarthy’s new independent film, “Spotlight,” is a stirring and disturbing account of the Boston Globe investigative unit exposing the pedophile priest scandal in that city at the turn of the

‘The Chairman’: the rest of Sinatra’s story

Can you read a 992-page biography and still want more? The answer is yes if the subject is Frank Sinatra and the writer is James Kaplan, who has just published “The Chairman,” the second half of a

‘Important Hats’: acting can’t redeem messy comedy

A terrific company of actors – including one of New York’s funniest stage performers, Carson Elrod – does a lot of heavy lifting in the new Nick Jones comedy at Manhattan Theatre Club, “Important Hats

‘Drone Wars’: making new enemies

A few years ago, we all had a good laugh over that “60 Minutes” infomercial for Amazon — hosted by corporate cheerleader Charlie Rose — which introduced Jeff Bezos’ plan to deliver goods via unmanned

Somewhere Richard Condon is chortling

Whenever we have such full blown examples of American political stupidity as the recent Republican presidential debates, or those U.S. governors who want to block any Syrians from coming into their

The second time around for Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds’ first book “My Life,” which was published in 1994, and is long out of print, often came off like the work of a very angry man – understandable at the time, but not very pleasant to

‘How to Watch…’: more wisdom from David Thomson

David Thomson has carved out his own path as a film critic, steering away from regular reviewing in favor of an eclectic series of books ranging from “Why Acting Matters” to “The Alien Quartet.” The

‘Dames at Sea’: small show, big talent

For pure fun, it’s hard to beat the current revival of “Dames at Sea” at the Helen Hayes Theatre. The affectionate send-up of 1930s movie musicals is slight but solidly constructed in the manner of

53 years with Agent 007

Every time a new James Bond movie opens, I am amazed all over again that a film series could survive so many sweeping changes in the movie industry and the surrounding culture. Think of it. When “Dr.

‘Hamilton’: Broadway music is hot again

There was good news from the Associated Press this week for Broadway musical fans – the original cast recording of “Hamilton” has scored big on the music charts, placing higher than any show album