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: December, 2015

In praise of Brian D’Arcy James

I finally caught up with “Something Rotten!” (above) over the weekend, and it left me thinking once again that Brian D’Arcy James has to be one of the best all-purpose American actors. It has been a

Jerry Orbach’s life in show business

John Anthony Gilvey’s biography, “Jerry Orbach, Prince of the City” (Applause Books) does justice to a remarkable stage actor who made a well-deserved later-in-life transition to film and TV stardom.

A new life for old blockbuster novels

Lots of good news has grown out of the eBook revolution. Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg wrote in The Wall Street Journal last year about a new movement afoot to return to print and/or e-book format popular

Merry Christmas!

A late report on ‘Neighborhood 3’

Horror is one of the toughest genres to pull off on stage because it is almost impossible to match the shock effects that are possible in contemporary movies and television. William Goldman’s stage

‘Maggie Smith’ gets an update

Michael Coveney has gifted us with a new, greatly expanded version of his 1992 book “Maggie Smith: A Biography” that is set for publication by St. Martin’s Press next Tuesday — perfect timing for the

‘Pierrot le Fou’ gets gorgeous restoration

Jean-Luc Godard has been enjoying a huge renaissance of his 1960s films in recent years. “Band of Outsiders” (1964) and “Contempt” (1963) and “Masculine-Feminine” (1966) have all had hit art-house

‘Boys in the Trees’: wonderful Carly Simon reading

I don’t often listen to audio books, but I made an exception for Carly Simon’s “Boys in the Trees” (Flatiron Books) when I saw that the pop star author decided to do something a little different with

Rebooting Sylvester Stallone

There’s a lot to like about the latest addition to the “Rocky” franchise – “Creed,” which opened to good reviews and strong business three weeks ago – but the most surprising element is Sylvester

Notes on the Music Hall ‘Christmas Spectacular’

I’ve been getting un-jaded about the Christmas season this year. I did my first tour of the big New York City department store windows for an upcoming feature story and then the other night I caught