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: May, 2016

‘The Jinx’ + ‘Catfish’ = ‘Tickled’

When the new documentary, “Tickled,” opens theatrically June 17 I have a hunch it will be much discussed as another fascinating true-crime documentary during an era filled with such films. Fairfield

Happy Memorial Day!

The pure sci-fi horror of ‘Fire in the Sky’

Robert Lieberman’s “Fire in the Sky” was released theatrically in 1993 by Paramount Pictures with little fanfare, and then picked up a small cult following from cable and video in the mid-1990s, but

‘Half Moon Bay’: strangers in a bar

Something like a younger, sadder West Coast version of Terrence McNally’s “Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune,” the  Lesser America production of the Dan Moyer play “Half Moon Bay” follows a

‘I Take You’: women & men & sex

Eliza Kennedy’s “I Take You” (Broadway) starts off as a romantic comedy about a commitment-phobe who is about to get married, but it quickly develops into a very provocative examination of a woman

‘Wicked, Wicked’: split-screen nightmare

It takes some doing to unearth an early 1970s major studio release that yours truly has never heard of — those were probably my peak moviegoing years, when I saw nearly everything (i.e. “The Legend of

‘Everything Was Possible’: youthful dreams

Ghostlight Records has just released a wonderful CD, “When Everything Was Possible,” that captures a  2012 concert at New York’s City Center, featuring Kurt Peterson and Victoria Mallory. It’s a

Turner Classic Movies picks ‘The Essentials’

Sure to launch more than a few arguments, the new Turner Classic Movies book “The Essentials” (Running Press) is subtitled “52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter.” Few buffs will argue with the

‘Money Monster’: a summer film for adults

Plenty of serious-minded star vehicles are given limited releases each fall and winter for Oscar consideration, but it’s getting increasingly rare to see a smart Hollywood studio film for adults, like

‘Noble Chase’: on the trail of $70 million

Michael Rudolph has made a strong debut with “Noble Chase” (Ballantine Books), a thriller with a very different sort of hook – it’s a caper in which three members of a family join forces to track down