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In praise of Amy Adams

It seems likely that Amy Adams will add another Oscar nomination to her resume for the current hit “Arrival” (below), which is an unusually smart science-fiction film. Although the trailers and other

Notes on a ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ preview

The new Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is nothing like that other reigning hit “Hamilton” in terms of style and content, but it too is a thrilling piece of work that is not drawn from an old

Is is safe?: scary novel, film examine terrorist threats

Although 15 years have passed since 9/11 — and a museum on the site of the New York City attack puts that event safely in the past tense — a very scary novel and an anxiety-inducing documentary leave

#FridayReads: ‘Blue Madonna’ by James R. Benn

“Blue Madonna” (Soho Crime) is James R. Benn’s 11th installment in a series of wonderful mysteries set during World War II involving ex-Boston cop Billy Boyle. A rather callow youth at the start of

Happy Thanksgiving!

What was Carrie Fisher thinking?

It’s not often that an author regrets the premise of a book during publication week, but that’s what Carrie Fisher has been doing in her media appearances for “The Princess Diarist,” released

Delving deeper with Karen Ziemba

Karen Ziemba made her name – and won a Tony Award – for her work in musical theater, but she rejects the notion of being limited to song-and-dance roles. Over the years, the performer has tackled

The Mamet movie you’ve never heard of

If you rent the 2008 David Mamet film “Redbelt” you might be left wondering why this fascinating  film from one of America’s finest writers and directors remains a virtually unknown quantity. The

‘Last Girl’: barrier-breaker Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a part of the show business scene for so many years that most of us took her for granted and didn’t spend much time thinking about how she worked her way to the center of pop culture.

‘Denial’: what great lawyers do

‘Denial’ only opened a few weeks ago but it already seems to be a dead issue in U.S. theatrical release – I attended a virtually private screening at the Bethel Cinema last week – but it’s a movie you