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: December, 2016

Al Pacino’s 20 year labor of love

Commentary tracks on DVDs are often little more than thinly disguised PR for the movie in question, but you can’t say that of Al Pacino’s insights on the never-theatrically-released “The Local

‘Becoming Mike Nichols’: a master class

When Mike Nichols died two years ago, we didn’t just lose a great stage and film director, we lost a great talker. Nichols put a lot of effort into interviews, whether he was sharing public time with

The era of incredibly long movie lines

A friend who is a William Friedkin fan marked the 43rd anniversary of the debut of “The Exorcist” on Monday with Tweets about the world premiere at Cinema I in New York. That started me thinking about

The solid craftsmanship of ‘A Bronx Tale’

Two innovative hits, “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” have set a high bar for the contemporary Broadway musical. “A Bronx Tale” isn’t a show for the ages, like those two instant classics, but it’s

Rent it now: a gem about school life

The French-Canadian drama “Monsieur Lazhar” was one of the four foreign language films that lost to “A Separation” in the Oscar race in 2012, but it’s a beautiful little picture about students and

Merry Christmas!

‘Night Manager’: enough time for le Carre

A friend who recently caught up with the 2011 movie version of the John le Carre novel, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” said she enjoyed the performances by Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch, but

Rent it now – forgotten indie ‘Heights’

“Heights” was one of the dozens of American indies tossed into art houses in 2005, where the picture sank without a trace. Even devoted movie buffs give a blank stare when the film is mentioned.

Judi Dench’s scrapbook memoir

Reading the text and savoring the many pictures in the Judi Dench memoir, “Behind the Scenes” (St. Martin’s Press), often feels like going through one of the the actress’ scrapbooks with her sitting

The star who changed our notions of beauty

Barbra Streisand has been a star and pop culture icon for so long now that it is easy to lose sight of the revolutionary impact she had on show business more than 50 years ago. Streisand’s distinctive