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: February, 2017

Another Oscar snafu enlivens dead show

The streaker crossing the stage behind David Niven. Rob Lowe singing with Snow White. Marlon Brando sending Sasheen Littlefeather to pick up his “Godfather” Oscar. Those are the moments people

‘The Sartorialist’: ten years of street fashion

Penguin Books celebrated 10 years of Scott Schuman’s influential photography blog with “The Sartorialist X,” a beautifully designed and compact look at his photos of the street attire of both fashion

‘Napoli, Brooklyn’: adjusting to a new world

“Napoli, Brooklyn” takes us deep into the lives of an Italian immigrant couple and their three daughters, living in New York City in 1960., The battle between Old World and New World values is played

‘Red Oaks’: lost in the streaming shuffle

Amazon has announced a third and final season for its New Jersey country club comedy “Red Oaks,” starting this fall, but the show doesn’t seem to be on many people’s radar. I watched the first two

How Charlotte Rampling won the age battle

It’s a question that older moviegoers ask all the time: why do actresses over the age of 40 thrive in Europe while their American counterparts (with a few exceptions like the one and only Meryl

The return of Alyssa Bresnahan

A long run in “War Horse” and the challenges of parenthood took Alyssa Bresnahan away from the Connecticut theater scene for several years, but she’s back in the new play “Napoli, Brooklyn,” opening

‘Negro’: history that speaks to today

Raoul Peck’s James Baldwin documentary, “I Am Not Your Negro,” is up for an Academy Award Sunday night and has made nearly $5 million in limited release over the past month or so. It’s a sign of the

Olivia de Havilland’s last straw

After watching the Warner Archive DVD-on-demand release “Government Girl” it’s easy to see why after being forced to do this lame 1943 comedy Olivia de Havilland became ever more resolved to launch a

The best movies that we’ll never see

For a great idea well executed check out Simon Braund’s book “The Greatest Movies You’ll Never See” (Cassell Illustrated). Subtitled “Unseen Masterpieces by the World’s Greatest Directors” the book

‘The Collection’: another sign of ‘peak TV’

Between cable, streaming and broadcast TV networks, more than 400 series are released each year, and some observers have speculated that we are nearing the end of the new Golden Age that started in