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: April, 2017

‘A Quiet Passion’: the poetry of isolation

Cynthia Nixon gives a stunning performance as Emily Dickinson in the new biographical drama “A Quiet Passion.” Writer-director Terence Davies, who made the devastating 2000 adaptation of “The House of

‘Feud: Betty & Joan’: ready for streaming

The FX series “Feud: Bette and Joan” was first shown the old-fashioned way, one episode a week for the eight weeks that ended last Sunday night. It was fun to anticipate each new episode of this

Jonathan Demme’s wild ride

With the announcement of Jonathan Demme’s death today, the movie industry lost one of its most talented and humane directors – a filmmaker who was almost impossible to categorize because of his

‘Last Hope Island’: vivid WWII history

I got hooked on the work of popular historian Lynne Olson last year when I read “Those Angry Days,” her terrific account of the fight within this country over aiding England in the run-up to World War

Catching up with ‘Animal Kingdom’

The engrossing TNT crime drama “Animal Kingdom” is returning for a second season on May 30. If you missed the 10-episode hit, you can catch up on Tuesday when Warner Home Video releases season one on

‘Betrayed’: a universal addiction

Have you ever tried not looking at your smart phone for more than a few hours? Or not checking in on Facebook or Instagram for more than a day or two? The protagonist of the new thriller “Betrayed”

‘T2’: a sequel few want to see

Sequels as well made and as well thought out as “T2 Trainspotting” are rare in this age of franchise productions that are more like episodes of a TV show than theatrical features. Oscar-winning

‘The Fix’: knowing your killer

Crime statistics tell us that if we should be murdered at some point in our lives, the odds are we will know the perp. That’s a scary but true notion that David Baldacci uses to get his latest novel

A solution to the Amy Adams Oscar mystery?

A lot of people were shocked in February when Amy Adams failed to get an Oscar nomination for her terrific performance in “Arrival.” The movie scored eight nominations – including one for best picture

‘Mommy’: Xavier Dolan calling card

The recent Focus on French Cinema festival in Greenwich scored an opening night coup with a screening of “It’s Only the End of the World,” the latest film by the French-Canadian writer-director Xavier