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: May, 2017

‘Irving Penn: Centennial’: a life in pictures

You don’t want to miss the celebration of Irving Penn’s 70-year career as a photographer on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through July 30. The scope and the quality of the pictures in “Irving

Devastating Hollywood doc debuts on YouTube

If you are thinking about having your children work in show business you should check out “An Open Secret,” the documentary by Academy Award-nominee Amy Berg that has had almost no traditional

Why I used to love rainy holiday weekends

Almost every year, when summer starts, my thoughts go back several decades to one of the craziest ventures I’ve ever been involved with, a business in which rainy holiday weekends were much desired.

‘Brooklyn Street Style’: ‘outer borough’ no more

Abrams Image followed up its snazzy street style guides to Berlin and Paris with a much closer-to-home title, “Brooklyn Street Style.” Co-authored by cultural reporter Anya Sacharow and travel guide

‘The Secrets You Keep’: marital paranoia

One of the elements that adds to the horror of Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Stepford Wives” is the growing fear that a husband might be part of a diabolical plot against his wife. The latest

Coming: ‘Death on Nantucket’

It isn’t often that a defunct mystery series returns after a 19-year absence, so I am very happy to report that Soho Crime will be publishing the fifth Merry Folger novel, “Death on Nantucket,” on

‘Decoy’: new DVD captures 1950s NYC

If you love New York City and New York actors you will want to check out the new DVD reissue of a largely forgotten 1957-1958 TV series, “Decoy,” starring Beverly Garland as an undercover cop. Garland

When bad times produce great films

A friend on social media suggested last week that there could be an unexpected positive result from the chaos and corruption of the Trump Administration – a new wave of paranoid thrillers similar to

‘Uncertainty’: NYC lovers lead double lives

“Uncertainty” (IFC Home Video) is a 2010 romantic thriller powered by the seemingly endless choices anyone is faced with on a given day in New York City. (The underrated 2014 Broadway musical

‘Beautiful Room’: restaurants & real estate

The new musical that is closing the Long Wharf Theatre season – “The Most Beautiful Room in New York” – is jam-packed with talent and deals with material that seems up to the minute. The