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: November, 2017

A miscalculation in ‘Call Me By Your Name’

The terrific film version of the Andre Aciman novel “Call Me By Your Name” seems to be on its way to scooping up many year-end critics’ prizes and at least a few Oscars early next year. The movie has

‘Being There’: still fresh after 38 years

It will be my pleasure to moderate a discussion after a screening of the 1979 Hal Ashby classic “Being There” tonight at 7 at the Bethel Cinema. The event is being co-sponsored by Hearst Connecticut

‘Search Party’: comic paranoia in Brooklyn

The recent launch of the second season of the TBS series “Search Party” pushed me to have a look at the first season, and the result was a quick and happy binge over the weekend. The commitment was

The woman who lied about 9/11

The ease with which a good sob story generally will be swallowed whole was demonstrated for the zillionth time four years ago with that weird tale out of South Bend, Indiana, about the football player

The off-screen life of Ingrid Bergman

The Criterion Collection released an extras-packed DVD version of the 2015 documentary “Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words” that debuted at the New York Film Festival (the film is also on the Filmstruck

The plight of older Hollywood actresses

It’s hard to decide which moviegoing experience was more depressing last year – seeing Sally Field in the rancid “My Name is Doris” or watching Susan Sarandon in the dramedy, “The Meddler.” We all

‘Since Yesterday’: a filmmaker’s rise & fall

Bill Teck’s melancholy 2014 look back at the career of film director Peter Bogdanovich – “One Day Since Yesterday” – is streaming on Netflix and was  released by the Warner Archive DVD-on-Demand

Happy Thanksgiving!

Filmstruck: a portable art house

I can’t imagine a better (or easier) holiday gift for any of the serious movie lovers you might know.than the Filmstruck streaming service. For a little under $100 you can get a year of this

‘Vanity Fair Diaries’: 1980s magazine drama

Tina Brown tells the story of one of the biggest media salvage jobs of the 1980s in “The Vanity Fair Diaries” (Henry Holt and Company) and she appears to level with us about the challenges of working