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: December, 2017

‘De Palma’: the business of movies

If you missed the documentary “De Palma” during its brief theatrical life last year, you can watch it now via streaming services such as Amazon Instant or on DVD. The movie consists of a long

Falling in love with New York City (again)

There are more than a few websites and Facebook pages devoted to bitching and moaning about the ever-changing scene in New York City. Each restaurant and dive bar closing is mourned by people who keep

#FridayReads ‘Now That You Mention It’

Readers got a slightly late Christmas gift from Kristan Higgins on Tuesday when HQN published “Now That You Mention It.” While she is most often shelved in the romance section of bookstores, Higgins

‘Unacknowledged’: down the UFO rabbit hole

With The New York Times running a story recently about a military UFO sighting – complete with video – the 2017 documentary “Unacknowledged” got a big boost on Netflix. The film directed by Michael

‘Sexplosion’: testing artistic limits in the ’60s

HarperCollins’ !t Books division published Robert Hofler’s “Sexplosion” to less press attention than it deserved. The book is an illuminating and entertaining look back at the late 1960s when

Merry Christmas!

New York at Christmas, ‘Condor’ style

When a friend sent me a notice of a Christmas week screening of “Three Days of the Condor” at the great Los Angeles revival house, the New Beverly Cinema, I wasn’t surprised. The classic 1975 thriller

Bad Movies We Love: “Perfect”

It’s surprising that the 1985 John Travolta/Jamie Lee Curtis flop “Perfect” hasn’t attracted a so-bad-it’s-good cult-following over the past 30 years. This is a one of a kind, laugh-out-loud turkey

#FridayReads ‘Silver Bells’ by Luanne Rice

Some people like to watch Christmas movies in the build-up to the holiday; others prefer to curl up with a good book that revolves around the season. When a friend asked me for a recommendation of a