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: January, 2018

Notes on a preview of ‘Fire and Air’

People who kvetch about the high cost of theater tickets in New York get on my nerves. Yes, the average price for a seat at “Springsteen on Broadway” was more than $500 last week – and brokers are

‘Cardinal’: play or TV pilot?

A lot of interesting ideas about the decline of Rust Belt cities, urban design and racism are swirling around in the new piece at Second Stage, “Cardinal,” but the play by Greg Pierce seems

‘Dirty Money’: the fish stinks from the head

What Americans don’t know about money is everything. Why else would we carry such huge balances on credit cards, take out college loans that few jobs could justify, or elect a con man president

‘A Bigger Splash’: a blast from the past

Luca Guadagnino’s 2016 film “A Bigger Splash” is a gorgeous throwback to the European art films of the 1960s and 1970s – the sensual atmosphere is as compelling as the story, which was also true of

‘Lady’ still lurid after a half century

You wouldn’t think that a major studio release from 1964 would retain the power to shock, but the nasty little Olivia de Havilland vehicle “Lady in a Cage” still carries a tawdry charge 54 years after

‘Office Hour’: toying with the audience

The new Julia Cho drama – “Office Hour’’ – feels more like a series of interlocking op-ed pieces than a play. The hot button issues on view at Long Wharf Theatre include school gun violence, racism,

‘The Post’: Meryl Streep triumphs again

When “All the President’s Men” was produced in 1976, there were reports that the filmmakers considered using Lauren Bacall in a few scenes as The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham. That

‘Sheila’: old friends with secrets

The new collaborative play by The Associates – “Sheila” – is a taut 75-minute examination of two young women seeing each other for the first time in ten years. Gloria (Lauren LaRocca) and Mary

The Oscar in a time of scandal & transition

There were more than a few wonderful surprises in the Oscar nominations announced this morning – Jordan Peele’s sophisticated horror comedy “Get Out” received several major nominations despite being

‘Buzz Killer’: murder & romantic suspense

One of the perks of my job is the reading I have to do in connection with the book features I write for our Sunday Arts & Style section. The work has made me a fan of writers I might not have