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: March, 2018

‘Roma’: Fellini ‘sketchbook’ returns

The Criterion Collection has released beautifully restored DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the 1972 Federico Fellini film, “Roma.” The more than slightly eccentric tribute to the city of Rome is a mix of

Recalling the charming Kay Kendall

The terrific Warner Archive program pulled three lesser known Vincente Minnelli films out of the vaults a few years ago — “Tea & Sympathy” (1956), “Two Weeks in Another Town” (1962) and “The

Blistering Italian WWII drama resurfaces

The Cohen Media Group has been making waves as a relatively new player in the DVD distribution of European films. The company, headed by New York City real estate man Charles Cohen, also bought and

‘Roadshow!’: when movie musicals died

It’s one of the ironies of the current era that as mainstream movies have gotten worse, the quality of books about movies has never been higher. Mark Harris, William Mann, Ethan Mordden and several

Getting flack for the way you tell stories

Having grown up in an era when I never imagined that a movie or play or TV show would reflect my own lifestyle, I am dismayed when critics and audience members attack writers for not including their

‘They Look Like People’ but are they?

The fact that the threat of violence is always more effective in movies than violence itself is demonstrated once again in Perry Blackshear’s unnerving psychological thriller “They Look Like

The early history of James Bond

Here’s another strong argument for having a Kindle — several years ago, British thriller writer Jeremy Duns published a short but fascinating e-Book, “Rogue Royale,” about the rocky history of making

Deluxe DVD treatment for ‘The Swimmer’

The Frank and Eleanor Perry film version of the John Cheever story “The Swimmer” was a resounding flop in 1968, but over the years it has acquired a cult following. The movie has always been of

The rise and fall of Ava Gardner

The wonderful Filmstruck streaming service – a partnership between the Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies — has chosen Ava Gardner as its “star of the week” and is offering a good

‘The Big Picture’: the future of movies & TV

Wall Street Journal writer Ben Fritz lays out the reasons serious adult movies have vanished from the multiplexes in his lucid, compulsively readable new book “The Big Picture: The Fight for the