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: April, 2018

Movies as a New York City time machine

As you get older, it is fascinating to see how movies become mini-time capsules of the period during which they were shot. Since New York City has always been a favorite Hollywood location, the movies

Focus on French Cinema winds down

After observing the annual Focus on French Cinema festival for many years as a reporter, it has been a thrill to observe the workings of the event from the inside as director of programming this year.

The origins of ‘reality’ television

HBO produced a terrific documentary in 2014 — Jeremiah Zagar’s “Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart” — that is available from On Demand and streaming services. The film looks back at that

‘Privilege’: dated but ahead of its time

The “Print Screen” program of the Film Society of Lincoln Center asks a prominent writer to choose a film for a screening and discussion afterwards. Novelist and journalist Chuck Klosterman – who was

Sam Rockwell 21 years before his Oscar

Sam Rockwell finally won an Oscar this year, but he had long since established himself as one of the finest actors in this country, with outstanding film and stage performances going back more than

‘The Grand’: binge-watching, British-style

Like almost everyone else, I’ve been knocked out by the ever-rising quality of American television – from “The Sopranos” 20 years ago, through new hits such as “Search Party” and “Big Little Lies.”

Ups & downs of life on Broadway

Dori Berinstein used her status as a stage producer to make the very revealing 2007 documentary “Show Business” which follows one stormy season on Broadway. The movie only received limited

‘Nobody’s Watching’: out of place in NYC

Argentine writer-director Julia Solomonoff’s “Nobody’s Watching” received good reviews at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival and was booked by Film Forum last fall, but the movie never made it to

‘In a Relationship’: up-to-date romance

Sam Boyd’s first film “In a Relationship” debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend and it’s a wonderful comedy about the challenges of romance in this age of hyper-connnectivity. You

‘No Pay, Nudity’: an actor’s life

A small independent gem, “No Pay, Nudity,” arrived on several of the streaming services (including Amazon) without much fanfare. Simultaneously bleak and funny, the movie examines the lives of New