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: May, 2018

One more Focus on French Cinema film

The Focus on French Cinema festival ended earlier this month – after a five-day run in Greenwich, Stamford and New York City – but there will be a special add-on screening this afternoon. The

The way we were 45 years ago

The movies that Paul Mazursky wrote and directed from 1969 to 1980 have held up as smart entertainment, but the passage of five decades has made them vital time capsules of an era that feels as far

Having a famous writer for a friend

Farrar, Straus and Giroux published Michael Mewshaw’s witty and sad account of his friendship with Gore Vidal. “Sympathy for the Devil” shows us that Vidal’s cool and detached tone in his public

Happy Memorial Day!

‘Star 80’: Bob Fosse’s hate letter to show biz

Bob Fosse’s scathing 1983 biopic about the (short) life and death of Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten — “Star 80” — took many years to make its DVD debut via Warner Archive, and it’s no wonder. To

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Panic in Year Zero!’

I watched an oldie but baddie a while ago — “Panic in Year Zero!” — that took me back to the high anxiety of the early 1960s, when fear of nuclear war was everywhere. Not to downplay our various

A late report on ‘SoHo Sins’

I didn’t get to Richard Vine’s 2016 debut novel “SoHo Sins” (Hard Case Crime) until a vacation trip last week, but this crime novel set in the New York art world was worth waiting for. Vine is the

A wonderful new-ish NYC bookstore

Those of us who love the physical book have faced one bad turn after another over the past decade or so. One of the two national chains, Borders, disappeared after a noble run that saw it try to give

‘Hello Ladies’: abrasive but very funny

A 2013 HBO season series that never clicked, “Hello Ladies” is available on the HBOGo app and other HBO download sources. The big comedy hits on HBO tend to feature characters you might want to spend

‘Red-Blooded’: celeb shots with a difference

The Amphoto Books division of Penguin Random House released “Red-Blooded American Male,” a collection of celebrity photographer Robert Trachtenberg’s striking and sometimes slightly off-kilter photos.