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: June, 2018

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Rome Adventure’

I had a vague feeling of deja vu as I sat through the vapid 2010 princess fantasy “Eat Pray Love” about a well-off lovelorn American woman licking her wounds, after a divorce and a bad love affair, by

‘Powder Burns’: podcast with a difference

Even journalists need to escape from the bad news swirling all around us these days. The soundtrack to my morning routine used to be NPR, but since 11/9 I’ve hated started the day in a funk. The

‘Couple’: how does Elin Hilderbrand do it?

Another summer, another beautifully crafted Elin Hilderbrand novel – “The Perfect Couple,” published last week by Little, Brown and Company and already riding high on best-seller lists. The novel once

‘Set It Up’: Netflix revives the rom com

One of the Hollywood trade papers reported recently that 2018 will feature the first summer in 20 years without a major studio comedy aimed at adults. It is easy to forget that the romantic comedy was

Depp story recalls earlier, unfiltered era

The current, devastating Rolling Stone piece about Johnny Depp has triggered a huge response, with at least one observer calling it “an advance obit.” The portrait of an isolated, drug-addled and

‘Laura Bush’: secrets of a forgotten first lady

Ian Allen’s “Laura Bush Killed a Guy” finds a sweet spot between political satire and one of those evening-with biographical dramas that have been written about powerful women such as Ann Richards or

The best horror movie you’ve never heard of

Years before he won an Oscar for the “Gods and Monsters” screenplay, Bill Condon worked on one of the most entertaining, and least-seen, horror movies of the 1980s, “Strange Behavior.” The picture

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Once is Not Enough’

The headline here is a tad deceptive. “Once is Not Enough” is unquestionably bad, but “love” is the wrong word for my feelings about this 1975 Paramount adaptation of the Jacqueline Susann bestseller.

#FridayReads ‘Bum Deal’ by Paul Levine

We have a good news/bad news situation with the new Paul Levine legal thriller “Bum Deal” (Thomas & Mercer). The good news is that the latest installment of the writer’s Jake Lassiter stories

‘Condor’: clever update of 1975 classic

As if there aren’t already more streaming TV options than most of us can keep up with, AT&T has gotten into the business with its Audience Network, available via DirecTV and the DirecTV Now app. A