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: July, 2018

‘Extinction’: another dud Netflix ‘movie’

Netflix knows how to package old content, and produce new TV series in multiple genres, but the movie end of the business needs work. The streaming service had a hit in the June romantic comedy “Set

‘Touch’: returning to the real world

I’m very lucky that the book feature-writing side of my job has introduced me to novels and authors I might not have gotten around to until who-knows-when. Case in point: “Touch” by Courtney Maum,

‘The Best Man’: finding a lost movie

In light of all the political fireworks of the past two years, I wanted to see if the 1964 Gore Vidal film “The Best Man,” would still hold up after all these years. So I was very frustrated to learn

Bad Movies We Love: ‘The Trip’ & ‘Psych Out’

Someone at MGM Video had the bright idea of packaging two late 1960s drug exploitation movies – “The Trip” and “Psych Out’’ – as a double-feature, complete with lots of interesting extras. Although

The late not so great Radley Metzger

I know what you’re probably saying to yourself about the headline above — Who the hell is Radley Metzger? When I received a press DVD of the long-forgotten 1972 soft core porn flick “Score” I asked

YouTube find: a talk show with real talk

Although Kevin Pollak’s video podcast/talk show has been in production since 2009, I just discovered it on YouTube last week, and it is simply terrific. It’s not just the quality of the guests that

‘Straight White Men’: synthetic jolts

The Young Jean Lee play, “Straight White Men,” is an odd piece of theater — a conventional domestic comedy drama played within a pseudo-confrontational framework. Before the Second Stage production

‘Take Me to the World’: Broadway’s best

Sutton Foster’s new album, “Take Me to the World” (Ghostlight Records), serves up a collection of Broadway and pop tunes that have been carefully selected, and beautifully sung, by the Broadway star.

‘Off the Cliff’: the film revolution that wasn’t

Penguin Books is releasing a paperback edition of Becky Aikman’s “Off the Cliff” on August 7. Subtitled “How the Making of ‘Thelma & Louise’ Drove Hollywood to the Edge,” the book is a smart and

Stumbling on a TV history mother lode

Not that any of us need another Internet time-suck to take us away from our lives, but have you seen the Archive of American Television that is available online for free? It’s beyond “awesome” or just