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#FridayReads ‘The Masterpiece’

If you love New York City history, the novels of Fiona Davis are must reading. The writer made a smashing debut with “The Dollhouse,” which dealt with the fabled Barbizon hotel for women, and followed

David Lean’s final, unrealized film project

The Filmstruck streaming service is showing a terrific 2017 documentary “Nostromo: David Lean’s Impossible Dream” about the never-completed project the great director of “Lawrence of Arabia” was

Is this Glenn Close’s year to win an Oscar?

Quick! Name the movie that won Julianne Moore her best actress Oscar. If you think it’s “Magnolia” or “The Hours” or “Far from Heaven” you’re wrong. But I can’t blame you for not remembering the

‘Days to Come’: rarely seen Hellman play

The Mint Theater Company continues its wonderful exploration of rarely performed plays by major writers with an off Broadway revival of the 1936 Lillian Hellman drama “Days to Come.” The

Neil Simon: end of an era (and genre)

It’s hard to imagine the Broadway that Neil Simon ruled over from the 1960s through the 1980s. The playwright scored hit after hit in a form that no longer exists in the theatre – the commercial

When a trashy movie isn’t fun

On paper, the Warner Archive release “The Adventurers” sounds like it should be a lot of good/bad-movie fun. After all, it’s a big budget 1970 Paramount production based on a novel by Harold Robbins,

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Rich and Famous’

Veteran Hollywood director George Cukor’s final film, “Rich and Famous,” was not well reviewed when it debuted in 1981 and the box-office results were mediocre. A mini-controversy erupted when New

‘Puzzle’: cult film turns up on YouTube

Jerry Schatzberg’s 1970 fashion world drama “Puzzle of a Downfall Child” is a cult film largely because it has been so hard to find. The only video version available is a French DVD that won’t play

‘The Understudy’: movie stars on Broadway

The fact that movie and TV “names” are able to scoop up juicy Broadway roles they are unqualified for is an ongoing source of frustration for actors who have devoted themselves to stage work. Anyone

Where did all the good rom coms go?

People are so hungry for romantic comedies that the mediocre and derivative “Crazy Rich Asians” has turned into a late summer hit. The movie based on Kevin Kwan’s very funny novel is certainly