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: January, 2010

Car accident on Wooster Heights road

What appeared to be a one-car accident held up cars in both directions of Wooster Heights Road. The car was being loaded onto a tow-truck at about 4 p.m. There were two police cars present at the

Garner package on Sunday

Look for our stories this weekend on Garner Correctional Institution, which was built in 1992 amid outrage in Newtown. Our interviews show that some people in town are more appreciative of the prison

Boughton for governor – a secret no more

A very interesting development in the ongoing saga of whether Boughton will run for the state’s top elected position. A web site under development, under the domain name that

Five local female Republican politicians not waiting for Boughton

While Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is dancing around whether he will run for governor — he said he’ll announce on Monday but is coyly mum about what that announcement will be — some prominent women

Go behind the scenes on Broadway and aid Haiti

People in the entertainment business are coming up with new ways to raise money to alleviate suffering in Haiti from the earthquakes there. We just heard that actress Kerry Butler, who stars in the

Which is better in bad weather: I-84 or back roads?

Phones were ringing off the hook in the newsroom Thursday morning as callers reported stalled traffic, closed roads, skids, spin-outs, rollovers and what not. No matter the weather, however,

Boughton – will he, won't he

Is there anyone in the Danbury area who actually thinks that Mayor Mark Boughton will announce on Monday that he is NOT running for governor? Chatter has been high on blogs recently that Boughton will

More speculation on Boughton's run for governor

The Internet is abuzz yet again over whether Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will run for governor. For weeks bloggers have posted messages citing “confirmed” reports that he will run using unnamed

Danbury area residents volunteer to help veterans

Recently The News-Times published a story about the need for more volunteers who could drive area veterans to their medical appointments. See story here.

Frog scares first selectman

Today I got a very unusual voicemail from First Selectman Bill Davidson. He was leaving me a very serious message and it was interrupted by a scream in the back ground. He paused and said, “I’ll have