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: February, 2010

Judicial grievance re: Garlasco

Bridgewater First Selectman Bill Stuart has confirmed that the state judical branch grievance panel has found probable cause to proceed with an investigation into a complaint filed by a Bridgewater

Union Savings merger

Union Savings Bank and The First National

Too snowy for Buskin & Batteau show

Buskin & Batteau would like all of their fans

Just so ya know about Heirloom…

Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury has cancelled its show for tonight because of the snow. The new date will be in April. Is it really that ad out there? Hope I can make it home…

Are you a collector of pop rock memorabilia?

Do we have any local collectors of pop rock memorabilia out there? As News-Times features editor, I’m thinking that would make for a cool story. The reason I ask now is because Gotta Have It!’s online

What is it about dogs in the snow that is so darn cute?

DANBURY – Another reader has sent us a photo of their furry friend in the snow. Someone might mistake this dog for a snowball! Lucas is sporting a Snuggly, a Snuggie for dogs. His owners, Jessica, 15,

Sometimes, fur is not enough

BETHEL – Mason the Papillon wears a woolly red sweater to keep warm as he frolics in the front yard. Thank you to his owner Elen Hanington for sending in this photo. Send your snow snaps to

Is that a dog or a bear?


Excitement over new life sweeps newsroom

For weeks, our newsroom has been on something of a countdown. Our colleague, Dirk Perrefort, was awaiting the day he would add a new title next to his name: father.

Katie Stevens sings tonight on 'American Idol'

Don’t forget Pomperaug High’s Katie Stevens sings tonight on “American Idol.”