Commiserating about how hard it is to buy U.S.A. made

Over the summer, I tried to go a week without buying anything made in China. A chronicle of the experiment appeared in Sunday’s paper, and I wanted to share some of the feedback I got from readers.

I was surprised how many people told me that they also try to avoid buying Chinese made goods. Not as surprising were that they all commiserated that it is indeed a struggle.

Barbara Uziel, of Brookfield, has been avoiding Chinese made products for the past two years. She’s been pretty succesful, but one product had her totally stumped: a bathroom scale.

“Unless I spent approximately 6 times what the Chinese -made ones cost, I could not find a bathroom scale not made in China!,” Barbara wrote in an email. “I went to every store in the Danbury area that I thought might have bathroom scales.

Vinti Singh