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: March, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro was role model

I was so proud of Geraldine Ferraro who died March 26 at 75 years of age from blood cancer . Ferraro

Earth Hour

On Saturday,

Mother Nature, a clever minx

When I saw snow falling onto my deck this morning, I winced.

Audiences won't get "drowsy'' attending New Milford's "The Drowsy Chaperone''

I’m always delighted to cover the New Milford High School all-school musical productions. Always impressed by the student talent, I look forward to highlighting the students who are an eclectic mix of

Full Moon Saturday

There been a lot of attention being paid to the full moon that will be shining Saturday, March 19. Because the moon is closer to the Earth than it has been for the past 18 years , people have been

Have you ever used steroids, or been approached about buying them?

Some stories are easy to research and write because everyone involved is happy to talk. Others, not so much. Here’s what I mean: When local high schools are putting on a play, there are teachers,

Calif. city has special meaning

With the terrible destruction in Japan, few people may have Crescent City, Calif., in mind today. But for me, the small community on the northern California coast holds a special place. I lived just

Here are some of the best student internships

Vault has profiled over 800 internship programs in the U.S.

Did a puddle "eat" your car?

Big puddles, flooded roads and raging rivers have been downright treacherous this week for cars and even trucks. One deceptively deep puddle can be enough to stall a car and ruin an engine and

Two planets

Naked-eye astronomy – no telescope, no binoculars _