Watch out for coyotes – they're still here

A concerned resident in the Chambers and King Street area of Danbury mentioned that he’s seen a ‘larger than normal’ coyote in the area recently. He saw it Monday night and his wife saw it in the morning.

Whether or not this particular coyote’s size is unusual, it’s good to remember that coyotes are in the area. It’s not unusual to hear them in the evenings in northwest Danbury and other parts of the region.

So keep your pets safely indoors at night and be alert when you’re out and about, especially in wooded areas. Leash your dog and walk him, rather than sending him out loose.
A cell phone, whistle, and sturdy walking stick are good to take along on hikes anyway, and if you’re out during dusk or darker, be sure to have a flashlight and wear clothes or gear that make you visible.

After all, it’s no good avoiding wildlife only to get hit by a passing car.

Carolyn Mueller