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Want to have an adventure tonight?

Come to the Bethel Public Library on Greenwood Avenue at 6:30 p.m. tonight to hear former local author speak about storms and secrets. “August Gale” by Barbara Walsh, a former Brookfield resident, is

Area artist featured in Blacksocks Blog

Socks. Art. It must be a creative thing. Sean Ryan, former News-Times intern, now writes a blog for that focuses on “interviews with artists, musicians, and notable personalities in

Come listen to the story of a tale I know …

Looking for something different to do with your family Saturday? Consider checking out a storytelling event at Danbury Library, 170 Main St. Local storyteller Bert MacCarry is passionate about keeping

Take a free peek at the secret life of Louisa May Alcott Friday in Brookfield

Have you ever wondered about the lives of your favorite authors? There may be plenty of information out there about current authors, but what about those scribes of the past? Take a peek at “The

Campaign signs should not become litter

As I was driving to work this morning, I was touched to see that candidates who located signs around town after the electon had posted “Thank you” notes on their signs. Their appreciation of the

Congenital heart defects addressed at hospital event

Sherman resident Marie Hatcher wants newborns screened for heart defects. Her three-year old son Matthew was born with half a heart. He

Does the number 11 mean something?

Does the number 11 mean something to you? A friend just told me to write down the year I was born. Write down the age I will be by the end of this year. Add them up. The result is 2011. Yours will be

News-Times election night chat

News-Times election chat

Bethel activist, wearing a tri-cornered hat, pitches petition

Bethel political activist Billy Michael sat outside the Hurgin Municipal Center on Tuesday with

Danbury's mayor, his father and a yellow campaign button

As Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton greeted voters Tuesday