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: June, 2012

The Glacier Society continues fight to save historic icebreaker

The Glacier Society continues its efforts to

Here's a way to check out your beach and its health

"Ten Million Steps'' a worthy adventure

My retired colleague and friend, Joe Hurley, and a stranger/photographer he hired from Craig’s List to accompany him on a coast-to-coast journey on Route 6 from Cape Cod to California,

Voyager's music

There was news from NASA this month that Voyager I, the intrepid satellite launched in 1977, is still on the move. It’s now approaching the edge of our solar system’s space and will soon cross over

Lush Cosmetics launches inaugural prize to end animal testing

This is great news. Today, from London, England is a report that

The Great Divide: An invitation

Connecticut has the widest wealth gap in the nation. For some, this just makes grabbing the brass ring a little more challenging. For others, seeking a better future for the next generation is

Here are some really good job-hunting tips for new grads

This came across my desk Friday and I thought it was very well done and a good piece to share. It’s from author Nancy Shenker, and she calls it “Get Off the Couch and Into the Cube! 7 Job-Hunting Tips

For high school juniors, tuition break could help

Don’t forget this program when you are thinking about choosing a college.

How about stay right except to pass

In New Jersey,

$5,000 for the best cat stories

Meow. This post is only for cat lovers. I don’t have a cat myself — my husband is allergic — but I do think they are cute. So here goes: Every cat owner has a story