Sole Sisters give their “sole” to benefit sisters nationwide

A group of 19 Sandy Hook Elementary School mothers who call themselves, “Sole Sisters,” is spending their weekends walking miles and miles with the sole intent of helping their “sisters” from all over the nation fight a battle against breast cancer, a disease that affects all women be it through their own diagnosis, diagnosis of a family member, friend or neighbor, or simply by virtue that this disease is one that all adult women must be screened for as it has the ability to strike anywhere at anytime.

At least two of these women are breast cancer survivors: all are community survivors of the tragic events that unfolded on Dec. 14,2012 at the school where their children attend; 26 of their school mates and educators gunned down on a Friday morning just before the Christmas holidays.



As parents of children attending a school, and living in a community, where so much generosity has been shown to all, these women determined to do something generous for others. They rallied with another group of sisters from Rye, N.Y., mothers who reached out to them in their time of need, to train for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk to be held in New York City on Oct. 19-20.

Over the course of two days, the women will walk almost 40 miles, and each is required to raise $1,800, money that they have committed to collecting through a variety of fundraising events as well as asking friends, neighbors and relatives for donations.  Some likely have dug deep into their own pockets.

And they are happy to do it. In almost one voice, they all say that their decision to join this team was something that has given them as much or more than they will give to someone else. And they like knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of women everywhere.

So cheer them on – whether you decide to be a spectator on the sidelines as they travel the burroughs of the Big Apple or write them a check for whatever you can afford. This is a special cause, and these are special women; wome with “sole.”

Read more in an upcoming story to be featured in The News-Times.

Nanci Hutson