Police: Student brought cocaine to prom

MONROE — A Masuk High School student was arrested after police said he brought cocaine and alcohol to the school’s prom.

Christopher Frey, 18, of Silvermine Lane, was charged with possession of narcotics and possession of alcohol by a minor. He was released after posting $500 bond.

According to police, on May 18, a school security officer at the high school prom at the Waterview Restaurant entered the men’s bathroom and saw four students standing around one of the stalls. When the students saw the security guard three of them immediately left the bathroom leaving Frey alone holding a plastic bag, police said.

The security guard turned Frey and the bag over to a police officer working the prom. Police said they tested the contents of the bag it was found to be cocaine. During a search of Frey police said they found a red Victorinox plastic flask containing an alcohol beverage in his inner jacket pocket and two 50ml bottles of New Amsterdam vodka in his front jacket pocket.

Daniel Tepfer