Fireworks: Which are legal, which aren’t?

If you’re wondering if those fireworks you picked up out of state are illegal in Connecticut, you can assume they probably are.

Your legal options are limited to sparklers and fountains.

The following are all illegal, according to Danbury Fire Chief Geoff Herald: bottle rockets, Chinese lanterns, firecrackers, black cats, lady fingers, roman candles, smoke bombs, party poppers, snakes, M-80’s, M-100’s, cherry bombs, blockbusters, quarter sticks and any similar items.

Aerial shells shot from mortar tubes are also illegal if used without a permit from the State Fire Marshal.

“Fireworks and outdoor grilling are two of the most common causes of burn injuries during the summer months,” said Dr. Dora B. Schriro, Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.



Dennis O'Malley