Firefighters respond to house fire on Shortwoods Road

New Fairfield First Selectman Susan Chapman confirmed that firefighters are responding to a house fire on Shortwoods Road, and that all of the occupants of the home were able to get out so that there are no injuries.

Smoke, though, is billowing into the air such that she can see it from her office, and students leaving New Fairfield High School and Middle School could see the large plumes of smoke.

Eighth-grader Marek Ptakowski captured some photos of the billowing smoke as he left the school, and spotted firetrucks “all over the place.”

“The class and I got a little anxious because we have kids who live on that road,” Ptakowski said, noting buses had to be rerouted and students picked up at the school because the area is now blocked off.

Police said only that there was a working fire but could provide no other information as they were handling dispatches from the scene.


Nanci Hutson