New Milford man engages police in scuffle after he threatens use of fake weapons

UPDATE: JAN. 4: 10:18 a.m. Jeremy Michael Gibb, 19, of Housatonic Avenue, New Milford is being held on $50,000 bond in the Jan. 2 incident with a court date of Monday in Superior Court in Bantam.

A New Milford Police press release cites that officers were dispatched to the Housatonic Avenue apartment building on a call regarding an emotionally disturbed intoxicated person. That person was found to be Gibb, who was arrested after surrendering to officers still continuing to display unstable behavior while being subdued, police release states.

Gibb is reported to have spit at the officer and ask the officer numerous time to shot him, according to police. Gibb was transported for psychiatric evaluation to New Milford Hospital and was expected to be released to police.

NEW MILFORD — About a dozen police surrounded an apartment building on Housatonic Avenue Friday afternoon after reports that a man was in the hallway with a rifle threatening to shoot any officers called to help.

At about 3:30 p.m., police set up a a perimeter around the building at 3 Housatonic Ave., evacuated closest vicinity neighbors, and closed off the intersections nearest to the downtown complex.

The gun-wielding suspect ended up heading out the rear of the apartment building toward where officers were positioned, informing them that he was carrying a handgun on his side, said Lt. Larry Ash, department spokesman. After a brief struggle, officers were able to get the man onto the ground and retrieve a BB pistol that from a distance appeared to be an actual handgun, Ash said. A search of the inside premises also turned up a pellet rifle that also was a close facsimile to a true rifle, he said.

One police officer did suffer a minor knee injury in the fray, but no shots were ever fired, Ash said.

The suspect’s identity was not immediately released as he was taken to New Milford Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Charges against him are pending.

Police said they expect to be providing a full news release in the next few hours.

Nanci Hutson