Adults can start in band now in Danbury

The Danbury Music Centre will offer “Discovering Musical Concepts Band:” a weekly beginner band for adults, at the Centre, 265 Main St.  in Danbury, from 1 to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays,  Jan. 6 through May.

Al Montecalvo conducts a performance. He will guide new musicians in forming a band during aprogram in Danbury called  “Discovering Musical Concepts Band.”

Al Montecalvo conducts a performance. He will guide new musicians who want to perform in a band during a program in Danbury called “Discovering Musical Concepts Band.”

Albert Montecalvo will lead the ensemble in weekly rehearsals. Tuition is $45 per month. Students will need to rent or purchase an instrument, as well as the book “Essential Elements Comprehensive Band Method,” Book 1, published by Hal Leonard. Adults interested in participating should contact the Danbury Music Centre to pre-register at 203-748-1716 or visit

Discovering Musical Concepts Band will be an ideal opportunity for adults who have no prior experience playing an instrument – particularly those who wish they had had the chance earlier in life, and would like to make up for lost time by starting now in a friendly, group setting.

Albert Montecalvo has served as Director of the Danbury Music Centre Summer Band Program for eleven years, and as Conductor of the Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble for five years.  Al has performed as percussionist with many local orchestras including the Ridgefield Symphony, Chappaqua Orchestra and Danbury Symphony, and has played drums and percussion with various theater groups including the Downtown Cabaret Theater, Seven Angels Theater, Musicals at Richter and TheaterWorks in New Milford. He also performs with the Sonny Carroll Big Band, the Norm Hathaway Orchestra and the Berkshire Big Band. Al was an adjunct music professor at Western Connecticut State University for five years where he taught music education courses, supervised student teachers and conducted the WCSU Symphonic Band.

“Albert Montecalvo is a phenomenal teacher. Kids and adults love working with him because he brings out the best in people,” Mary E. Larew, Executive Director of the Danbury Music Centre, said. “Of course, learning a new instrument is challenging for anyone, at any age. And when you are an adult, it is particularly difficult because you can hear how far your sound is from how you wish it sounded. But by learning in a group with an excellent teacher like Albert Montecalvo, you can push through those early stages and have a good time while you do so! I can’t recommend this opportunity highly enough.”

For more information, call 203-748-1716, or visit

Carolyn Mueller