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“Plumbing issue” floods Danbury Hospital ER

DANBURY — A “plumbing issue” on Sunday shut down portions of the emergency department at Danbury Hospital, hospital officials said Monday. Hospital spokeswoman Andrea Rynn said a “work station and a

Danbury homicides (2002-present) mapped

Danbury has recorded 19 homicides since 2002, the last of which occurred a little over a year ago when a local man, Mario Imbesi, was beaten to death by an unknown assailant in his Farview Avenue

Connecticut crime statistics, year by year

Despite some high-profile violence over the past few years, crime in Connecticut is down nearly across the board, according to the most recent FBI statistics available. The data show that about 10,100

Danbury schools on early dismissal

Danbury school district officials have announced that classes will be dismissed early Monday, due to the impending winter storm. Afternoon kindergarten and all afterschool programs are cancelled, the

Fire breaks out at Newtown trailer park

Update, 1:14 p.m.: The fire has been knocked down, according to PoliceFireEMS Incident Alerts, a “breaking news hub” based in Fairfield County. There has been no word on whether anyone was injured.

Photo Contest #3

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with another mystery photograph contest, with a slight twist. This time, the first person to guess the location correctly (and include a detailed description of how

Photo Contest #2

Alright, here is this week’s mystery photograph. Can you guess where it was taken? Remember, be as specific as possible: include the location and a detailed description of how you arrived at your

Photo Contest #1

In this age of social media and Google Maps, there exist few places that are truly unrecognizable. Still, some are more easily identifiable than others. So, borrowing a page from The Daily Beast’s

2010 Violent Crime Rate Map

Statements declaring the ubiquity of violent crime seemingly spring up whenever there is a shooting or stabbing in town. But, without context, it can be hard to get a sense of how

Danbury named 23rd most Twitter-savvy city in the country

As Maggie Gordon reported earlier,