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Commiserating about how hard it is to buy U.S.A. made

Over the summer, I tried to go a week without buying anything made in China. A chronicle of the experiment appeared in Sunday’s paper, and I wanted to share some of the feedback I got from readers. I

Help us put together our localvore gift guide

Readers, we need your help putting together our holiday gift guide. Now before you groan, “not another gift guide,” hear us out. We are only featuring items that are locally sourced, locally made, and

Videos on drinking and doing drugs ready for the viral web

Back in June, we reported on a documentary filmmaker, who, with the help of some WestConn theater majors, was producing three short films about the consequences of drinking and doing drugs. (Read the

Danbury man uses homemade solar panel to heat home

Sustainable energy technology doesn’t have to be pricey – we just need to use a little bit of human ingenuity. Yesterday I visited Danbury resident Dick Marron at his home in Danbury for another story

Jack o' Lantern spreading nocturnal fear in Brookfield

Eight-year-old Olivia Heineken, of Brookfield, wrote this spooky Halloween tale. Be warned, if you read it, you might be too scared to fall asleep tonight. One day me, my sister Ava, Dad, Mom and

Reporter's Notebook: details on the Brookfield Parks Project

Last night at the public hearing, First Selectman Bill Davidson and Parks & Recreation Director Dennis DiPinto discussed the details of the renovations they plan to make to Kids’ Kingdom, Town

Is Mark D. Boughton secretly a ninja?

As journalists, we work really hard to uncover the truth, but we’re no match for Facebook.

Photos from Interstate 84 crime scene

Interstate 84 near exit 4 was blocked on the eastbound side and crawling on the westbound side Friday evening. Several police cars from the State Police Department and Danbury Police Department were

Newtown's Got Talent

The “We

Brookfield, get ready to rock at The Room

Brookfield, get ready to rock. Vern Nickerson is getting ready to open The Room, a teen-friendly venue for people to hear live music. We interviewed Nickerson back in February, and he said back then