Ex-White House lawyer gets 15 years in attempted murder of wife

At Work W/ At Work W/ st0108ncmurder-01.jpgA Stamford judge on Thursday sentenced former White House attorney John Michael Farren  to 15 years in prison for the attempted murder of his wife more than four and one-half years ago.

Judge Richard Comerford also denied Farren’s request to post a bond while he appeals his conviction.

Comerford said Farren’s former wife Mary Margaret Farren, who made an emotional appeal to deny her former husband bond for an appeal, was in danger if he were freed.

“That woman and her children,” Comerford said while pointing at Mary Margaret Farren from the bench, “are at risk. He will be held without bond pending appeal.”

Comerford called the attack on his wife in their multi-million dollar mansion on the night of Jan. 6, 2010 -two days after he was served divorce papers, “horrendous.”

According to testimony during his trial in early July, Farren picked up his wife by the throat, threw her across the room and struck her head and face as many as 10 times with a metal flashlight,

Mrs. Farren lost a significant among of blood, a broken jaw and cheek bone, deep cuts to her head that left her skull visible, and tufts of hair pulled out of of her head. Mrs. Farren‘s smile is now crooked from the nerve damage to her right cheek from the attack.

On July 11 Farren, who was an attorney serving in both Bush White Houses and a General Counsel for Xerox Corp., was convicted by a six person jury of attempted murder, first degree assault and risk of injury to a minor.

When it came time for him to speak before sentencing, Farren would only talk about his appeal of the case. Farren said that he believes the verdict should be set aside and his charges dropped because he said a stay was in place when the trial took place and he did not have his choice of attorney during trial.

The fact that Farren did not even apologize when it came time for him to speak, inflamed Comerford.

Comerford said Farren could have said something while his wife was watching him in the courtroom besides making an appellate argument

“That is disgusting,” Comerford said.