Skakel deal on defamation case nearly complete

A settlement in the defamation case against two cable-tv pundits by Michael Skakel, who is awaiting a new trial on a murder charge, is expected to be completed this afternoon.
Stamford attorney Stephan Seeger said he expected the U.S. District Court in Hartford to sign off on the stipulation of settlement, at which point he would have more information.
“The settlement itself is confidential. But I think I’ll be able to comment on it further,” he said, and will release some information about the deal.
The defamation lawsuit was made against Nancy Grace and Beth Karas over remarks they made in 2012 on the HLN channel about the murder case against Skakel, who was convicted of killing Greenwich teenager Martha Moxley in 1975. Skakel is now out of prison on a $1.2 million bond and awaits a new trial, following a successful appeal that his earlier trial was flawed.
During the televised discussion, Grace and Karas discussed what they said was DNA evidence that linked Skakel to the killing. In fact, no DNA evidence was ever presented by prosecutors againts Skakel, and his legal team sued for defamation.

Rob Marchant