Truck crash leads to summonses

Westchester County Police issued four traffic tickets to the driver of a truck who rammed the King Street Bridge, causing massive delays for commuters using the Merritt and Hutchinson River parkways Tuesday morning.

Ishad Knight, 29, of Miami, Florida was driving a truck laden with liquefied margarine when he disregarded numerous warning signs and hit the overpass at the Connecticut state line with New York.

“He told us he relied on Google maps on his cell phone. What he should be using was a commercial-grade GPS,” said Westchester County Police spokesman Kieran O’Leary.

The truck was en route from from Maryland to Massachusetts, and Knight was driving on I-287 in Westchester when his Google map program told him to turn onto the Hutchinson Parkway north. A few minutes later, the truck was a fiery mess and hundreds of gallons of margarine were spilled all over the roadway.

Knight was given four summonses by Westchester cops. Knight had a Florida license which turned out to be invalid, so he was driving unlicensed. He was also ticketed for disobeying several warning signs, known in legal terms as traffic control devices. Finally, he was given a ticket for driving a truck on the parkway, which is only open to passenger vehicles, and driving a too-tall vehicle on the parkway.

Rob Marchant