Should driving with your pet be illegal?

Distracted driving comes in all forms, and holding a cell phone to talk or text is already a motor vehicle violation.

Now the General Assembly is considering a bill to levy the same penalties against drivers who have a dog on their lap in a moving vehicle. We assume the law would also apply to cats, but cats would never stay in anyone’s lap for long.

The lap dog is competing with the iPhone for the attention of drivers, according to the bill’s supporters, who say restrictions are needed not just for the protection of drivers and pedestrians, but for the pets themselves.

“This is an easy one for us,” said Gordon Willard, executive director of the Connecticut Humane Society. “We always advocate that a pet should not be loose in the car. From a driver point of view, hell, driving should be unimpeded by anything — an animal, a cup of coffee, a cellphone, a burger.”

What do you think? Do we need this new law?

Should driving with a pet on your lap be made illegal?
Should driving with a pet on your lap be made illegal?



Frank Juliano