Danbury gun show canceled

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  1. Frank Kennedy says:

    “if we all have any respect for the people killed in the tragedy, we should bring in strict laws for gun control.”

    We already have that in CT. We also banned these weapons in the past and it did not stop criminals or killers. What makes you think it will work again?

    Knee Jerk laws never work. Why not ban booze after the thousands die in drunk driving deaths in this country also? Do you support that also?

  2. slogan slayer says:

    Hey “GUNS”. You’re right, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. If you dig into this slogan a little further you’ll find that “people don’t shoot people without Guns” All this proves is that you can’t mask stupid ideas with slick slogans. Wake up, we all know that the second amendment doesn’t give anyone the “right” to own an assault weapon. The second amendment was written back in 1791 when people used muskets. If the Newtown murderer was using a musket then chances are that we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  3. HA says:

    @David, @Gun. what rights are we talking about? why do we need a gun? for entertainment? is it more important than peoples lives. we all have right to live and that is not possible as long as guns are available like toys in market.

    guns kill people. how do you defend when a person is pointing a gun towards you. If he is attacking you without a gun you have 90% chance of being alive.But with guns you have less than 1%.

    if we all have any respect for the people killed in the tragedy, we should bring in strict laws for gun control.

  4. David says:

    @ Ick, you are a moron. Thankfully you don’t decide what my rights are, guns are already here, they are going nowhere and you are THAT GUY who wants only the criminals to have them. I will be cleaning and polishing all my AR-15’s tonight despite your stupidity.!

  5. GUNS says:

    guns do not kill people… people kill people!! it is a absolute tragedy as to what happened in Newtown; but do not penalize those who are responsible with their weapons because a select few are not responsible. we need a better judicial system to take care of the trash that walk our streets

  6. mike s says:

    Boy! You marketing &promo folks are right on the ball.

  7. Susan says:


  8. lck says:

    Maybe some people are getting the message, guns are not a fun item to own, the are lethal, need to be owned by responsible adults, should have mandatory trigger locks installed at the sellers expense and assault rifles and multi cartridge weapons ought not to be in the hands of anyone except members of the military and law enforcement.