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FBI releases censored Sandy Hook records

The FBI has released about 175 pages of heavily blacked-out documents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The Hartford Courant sought the documents from the FBI through a Freedom of

Letter from State Police commisioner on probe

Sandy Hook Cover Letter (PDF) Sandy Hook Cover Letter (Text)

To read the Sandy Hook shootings report …

Connecticut State Police plan to release their report on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings at 3 p.m. today. Warning: The report may contain disturbing content. Please be advised before

Obama address: A tribute to Newtown

In his weekly address, President Obama honors the memories of the 26 innocent children and educators who were taken from us a year ago in Newtown.

Candlelight vigil on Newtown shooting

The Interfaith Clergy Association of Westport and Weston will conduct a Candlelight Vigil on Saturday from 6:00-6:30 PM to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School

Third call from Sandy Hook school

State Police: “This is State Police. I’ve got a victim..she’s been shot once in the foot. She’s in room No. 1…How close are you guys to arriving on scene?” Newtown Dispatcher: “Female party shot in

First call from Sandy Hook school

Newtown 911: What’s the location of your emergency? Caller: Sandy Hook school. I think someone’s shooting in here at Sandy Hook school. Dispatcher: What makes you think that? Caller: Someone’s got a

Newtown mom delivers address from White House

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, from the White House This week’s address is delivered by Francine Wheeler, whose six year old son, Ben, was murdered alongside nineteen other children and six educators in

Malloy could sign gun legislation tonight

By Ken Dixon This could be the last day that Connecticut residents can purchase military-style weapons like the one used in the Sandy Hook School slaughter. After action in the Senate and House this

Read the full gun legislation bill

If you want to read the SPECIFIC language in AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN’S SAFETY, click on this link It’s rather long … 99 sections.